Cave Name Date Line Pool Cave Comment
Visi Flow Visi Flow
Cabouy11 May 2016ok2somerrrrPlace 1 10/04
Cregols20 Apr 2016ok2-3somerrrrsdfgh
Font del Truffe20 Apr 2016okpp7-8some
Landenouze20 Apr 2016okcrystalnowater 1 meter under the road, ok between S1/S2
Marchepied20 Apr 2016level 5 m from topnofastener that keeps the mid-level ladder is broken
Martinet20 Apr 2016take care15None
Oeil de la Doue20 Apr 2016ok10Little
Ressel20 Apr 20162None
Saint Georges20 Apr 2016ok17-10somecrystal water in the river
Saint Sauveur13 Apr 2016ok15-20weak
Trou Madame20 Apr 2016ok33-4somePike on the right :-)